"Tearing down every obstacle to clear your path!"

About me

Welcome!      I am excited that you are here. I am a healing and mindset strategist here to help you break some things loose that's holding you back, and help you  to walk in your purpose. I help transform hearts and minds of those who’ve had debilitating  experiences that have kept them stuck. As an empowerment coach, I will help  equip you  with hope, a renewed drive and tools to transform your life.

My superpower is communicating hope, that propels you into your next!

We will talk about fear, developing a healthy self-esteem, boundaries, and much more.  I was miserable for years because I didn't have healthy boundaries.  I will share what I learned about taking your power back.  It's okay to say NO. It's not your job to make someone else happy.  We all have to first find happiness within, then we can share our happiness with someone else who has already found theirs.  Otherwise, they will be looking for you to make them happy, and that's too big of a job for anyone.

I Am Here To Serve

If we lived in a perfect world we would have no problems.  However, we know that's not true.

We all have had things happen to us that caused it to be harder for us to navigate through life.  We will attack those things that have attacked you, and caused your life to be less than fulfilled.  All of the answers are within you.  I will just help you to draw them out. Come on.  Let's partner for the win!





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